Sunday, October 30, 2016

Winter Survival Car Kit

Winter *shudders* isn't far away.
So here are two good articles on making your own Winter Survival Car Kit.

This on is on ITS Tactical, which is where I got the idea for this post. ( Yes, I read their stuff. Don't judge me.) It has a shorter list. No, you don't need MREs. But you really should keep power bars, and maybe some candy vars in your car. It also makes the point that you should learn how to change your tire, and how to jump start your car. You can't always rely on other people. 

It's also good to read other articles on winter survival car kits. Mix and match. Add things from other lists. It's YOUR kit. So here is another site:

If you decide to keep the kit in your car year round,  you may have to switch out the chocolate bars when it gets hot. You also won't need your widow scraper, or all the extra blankets. And you may want to put something else in your kit for changing seasons.


Friday, October 28, 2016

Blogs You Should Read This Week ( Oct 23-29)

I'm sorry I haven't posted anything in awhile. How many of you go and read the books I post about? How many of you have read these books before?

In a few weeks, my English 1101 class will be over. So will my need to keep up this blog. I haven't decided yet whether to keep blogging or stop? I don't really like bloggers or blogging. I think bloggers should be experienced people, or at least people who do interesting things. Not high schoolers with boring lives. If I do keep blogging, I will most likely be posting more about, well, everything. Not just books. Movies, maybe. Cool places in Ohio. But that is nothing to write about.You can find that on millions and millions of other blogs.   Since classes end in early December, what ever my decision is, I will be taking a break for Christmas.

Anyway, Instead of a few of my classmate's blog posts, I am going to give you an undated list of ALL their blogs. Here we go:

Ok, that's all of them ( I hope)  If I missed any please let me know. There is a ton of stuff on their blogs now, so go read them, then comment which one is your favorite.


Monday, October 24, 2016

The Wolf Princess

The Wolf Princess is written by Cathryn Constable.

   When Sophie Smith and her two friends end up on a school trip to St. Petersburg, Russia, Sophie is so happy. Finally an adventure! And she loves snow. But then they end up at the wintery palace of Princess Anna Volkonskaya, the last of the noble Volkonskaya family.

   The last Volkonskaya princess had been known as the Wolf Princess, because once she had saved a wounded wolf cub and the white wolves have been faithful to her since. When the revolution broke out, the wolves had helped her escape through the woods.

Sophie is drawn to the tales of the long ago wolf princess. The current princess is searching for her ancestor's beautiful diamond necklace. With that she hopes to save the palace.

But is the princess all she seems?


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Little White Horse

The Little White Horse is written by Elizabeth Goudge in wording that makes it feel like an Irish fairy tale.

It's about a young lady, Maria Merryweather, who is from an orphan from London. Her only remaining family is her Uncle who lives way out in the country at a place called Moonacer Manor. She arrives with her governess and finds her new home to be perfect. Her Uncle is kind, she has her own room that fits her like a glove, and is free to roam the beautiful countryside. But there is something they're not telling her. She asks one of the villagers and find that a curse, of sorts, lies on the land, from a tragedy long ago, an ancient feud, and she wants to fix it. But what can she do?

I thought the white horse would play a bigger part. It was such a lovely book to read all the same. The vocabulary is an improvement from some of the books I've seen recently. Maybe that's because it was written in 1946 (In England!)

And for all you Harry Potter fans, J.K. Rowling said" I absolutely adore The Little White Horse"

So there


Monday, October 17, 2016

Blogs You Should Read This Week Oct 16-22

First off, I am super sorry I missed last week with this :(

I was sick and spent my whole time laying in bed and coughing.
And drinking tea.

A lot of tea.

Anyway, this is this weeks post! All of the bloggers are girl, so I guess it's girl power this week! And all these bloggers are students in my class.

You need to drink lots of water. Don't believe me or just want to know how it helps? Here is a blog all about it:

Or the story of a creepy painting to get you ready for Halloween. Really, any of Jamie's blogs would do for this.

The story of two conjoined twin boys who underwent a long surgery to separate them. (They are doing OK last I heard.)

A nice post about a young black man and a police man who switched places for a day. I feel sorry for Lance Constantine, because when he went to spend time with policeman's family for a meal, he had to deal with a rude uncle who was there. I also like it, because the police have gotten a lot of abuse because of this, even the ones who aren't racist.

  Have a lovely week!

Princess Academy Book 2 and 3!

If you liked the Princess Academy book, you should try the second and third books.

The second book is called Palace of Stone and is about Miri going to the capital with some of the other girls from the academy for her friends wedding to the prince. But then Miri gets mixed up accidentally a revolution. At first, they are just talking about better jobs for the poor, but it turns out they want to overthrow the King....and kill the royal family. Including Miri's best friend, the soon-to-be wife of the prince. What can Miri do to fix all this?

The third book is The Forgotten Sisters, and is about Miri traveling to the swamp lands to teach these three girls, the king's cousins, in a sort of mini princess academy. They have been promised in marriage to the king of the neighboring kingdom to stop an invasion. She wants to go back to the mountain, but there are people in the government and rich merchants who are trying to buy the mountain and the only way Miri can save it is if she does a good job teaching these girls. But they don;t want to learn. What can Miri do?


Monday, October 10, 2016

Born Wild

             I caught a REALLY nasty cold and have been confined to bed.
which means I could finish "The Spirit Animals" series.
The books are fairly short and there are only 7 of them so I read them over the weekend.

They are interesting and a new idea character wise and plot wise.
The series biggest problem is that each of the books has  a different author.

Brandon Mull is the author of the first book, Born Wild.

This is the story a 4 children and their spirit animals. In the fictional world of Erdas, children at the age of 11 have their Nectar Ceremony. It is their chance to call a spirit animal. This animals becomes their partner for life, lending them special powers, which could be speed, wisdom, strength, ect depending on the spirit animal. Animals can be anything from a moose to a tiny mouse. Not everybody can call one.

And NOBODY calls one of the four fallen Great Beasts!

But then four children do.

And now is it up to them to save the world.


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Blogs You Should Read This Week (Oct 2-8)


So here is this weeks "Blogs You Should Read This Week" post!

Maybe this blog about a cool old man and his story "The Pipe"
It looks really interesting

Or maybe the story of August Landmesser, the man who refused to salute Hitler? I'd seen the photo, but I had never heard the story. To read the story of this brave man follow the link on this post
after you read the blog.

Or maybe the tale of a crazy lady who stole an ambulance because she missed her bus?

That's it!


Ruins of Gorlan

The Ruins of Gorlan is the first of John Flanagan's series The Ranger's Apprentice

I love this series so much.
In the first book, Will is an orphan in the castle ward of Castle Redmont.

The castle ward is home to war orphans. Since their parents were killed in service of the King and the Baron, the Baron decided to raise all the war orphans in his fief. At age 16, they have a choosing ceremony. They apply to work as an apprentice to a castle master.

But if they are not chosen by any of the masters, they are assigned to the farms and feilds.

And Will, who is most likely too small and scrawny to make his choice apprenticeship as a knight, fears this most of all.

This book is very entertaining. It is also very emotional.