Tuesday, November 29, 2016

My 3 Favorite Posts

Everyone in our class has to give an end of project report in class, and we have to show everyone our blog! Also our three favorite posts.

Since I am a lazy person and I really don't want to be standing up in front of the entire class a second longer then I have to I made this post.

I'll just include my favorite three posts, and Ta Da!

I don't have to go scrolling through m entire blog just to find these three posts!

1. I'd Tell You That I Love You But Then I'd Have To Kill You

2. Princess of the Wild Swans

3. Winter Survival Car Kit 

4. ( I lied. 4) Blogs You Should Read This Week

Since I can't talk for over three minutes about my posts (a minute a post? Ugh)

So I also get to talk about some of my favorite other posts! (Other peoples posts)

1. http://kaitlin2016.blogspot.com/2016/09/september-17th-post.html

2.  http://mayrers04.blogspot.com/2016/09/north-korea-bans-sarcasm-by-john.html

3.  http://madisondblog.blogspot.com/2016/11/evolution-of-halloween.html

So there you have it!


P.S. Go Vote! on the little poll on the side as to which of these three were YOUR favorite!

The Lightning Thief

This post will my my last mandatory post for my English class.

The book I decided to pick is called The Lightning Thief. This humorous story is written by Rick Riordan.
The story follows Percy Jackson, a young boy, leading a normal life. OK, not really. He keeps getting kicked out of schools, either because of his and grades or that one time he accidentally blew up a school bus (empty) while on a school field trip to a Civil War site. Hey! He didn't KNOW the cannon would go off!

His mom takes him on a camping trip, a happy chance to spend time with her. But it ends badly when the Minotaur attacks and kills his mom. He manages to kill the Minotaur and looses conscience. He wakes up at Camp Half Blood, a camp for kids like him.

Kids like him. Sorry. His Dad. The one he never has met....

Well, he's a greek god.

You know From greek mythology....

Anyway, this story is emotional, and extremely entertaining.
My favorite part is Rick Riordan writing style.

Go read it!


Monday, November 28, 2016

Dear France and Germany

Dear France and Germany,

I assumed that most of my followers and viewers were my friends.

But I don't know anyone from France, and I don't know anyone from Germany (even though I'm of German/Irish descent)

Mainly, I was just wondering, do you translate my posts to your language or do you know English?

Do you like my blog? Is it just something you have to do for school?

What was your favorite post?

Did you (and I include all of my readers who I don't know ) read any of the books because of my posts? Have you read them before?



Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Silver Bowl

The Silver Bowl is by Diane Stanley. The Princess of Cortowa , which I posted about last week,is the third book in this series. 

It's about Molly. She is unwanted at home by her father who sends her to work at the castle, home of the King of Westria. At first she is very wild, but with help from her new friend, the colossal stable hand, Tobias, she learns to love her work, to work hard, and to be cheerful about it (bccause it isn't going to change)

The silver keeper notices and she starts to polish the silver. Nothing to hard at first, just salt cellars, goblets, and such. 

But then she is told she may polish the silver bowl, an expensive gift from the neighboring kingdom's past queen. 

Molly has "the gift" and the bowl begins to speak to her. It shows her visons until she finally learns the truth. 

The Silver Bowl is cursed. When it was made, 100 curses had been pounded into it. 100 curses against the Royal Family of Westria. 

And Molly and Tobias may be the only ones who can save any of them.


Friday, November 18, 2016

The Princess of Cortowa

This book, which is written by Diane Stanley, is the third in its series. Why am I  not writing about the first one? Because I have yet to read it.

Even though I haven't read the other two books, I still got a good idea of who the characters are, and  what is happening.

What is happening?

The Princess of Cortowa is getting married. She doesn't know to who yet. Her father, the King, invited to two different kings, from two different kingdoms, to visit him. And they both kind of hate each other...

The book is mainly about Molly. Molly is an ex-servant girl, who is now a lady raised to a high station.

Mainly because she has prophetic dreams....

This really isn't helping is it?

Basically, its all a big game, each king fighting against the others,  and the story is explained like chess, with a chess rule at the beginning of each section.

But who will win the game?


Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Into The Wild

  Into the Wild is the first book in Erin Hunter's Warrior series. This series is about cats. Or rather it's about Rusty, a house cat who runs away to live with "The Forest Cats." He learns about the four clans, which live in four different areas of the woods. Rusty, who's name is changed to Firepaw, is having trouble though.  The other cats in the clans snub Firepaw because he is "a kittypet" which is their word for a house cat.  He has to deal with the troubles of fitting in with the new clan and the normal troubles of the constantly warring clans.

 I am a cat person, so I really love these books. They are also well written and from an interesting angle: Your cat.


Saturday, November 5, 2016

Profile Essay

We had to write a profile paper. It was really fun and not quite what I expected.

We had to interview someone and write a paper about their life in the 60's. So we did an in class interview exercise, which was really fun and then we had to set up an interview.

Professer Trotter, our teacher, said it would be better if we interviewed someone who we don't know. So I tried to call the local nursing home. But I never got a hold of them and then I got sick.

Oh joy.

So, about three days before the paper was due, I called my Grandma. It would have been better if I had talked to her in person, but I didn't want to make her sick.

I was kind of worried when I gave Grandma the paper for her to read. What if I got something wrong? What is she didn't like it?

She loved it and thought it was so cool that I had chosen to write about her.

People sometimes forget (or never find out) that old people have really cool stories and they are, quite often, very happy to share them.


The Borrowed House

This book, by Hilda Van Stockum about Holland during WWII. Janna is a German girl who goes to live with her famous acting parents in Amsterdam. 

I really like this book because of all the historic fiction books I've read, this is the first one to be from a Hitler Youth's point of view. All the rest of the books I've read from this time period have been either from the resistance point of view and the persecuted peoples point of view.

Janna goes to live in " a borrowed house." A house taken over by the Germans and given to Janna's parents. Also in the giant canal house lives another family, an SS man, his wife and his spoiled brat son, and a cook. (there is also a maid who comes during the day)

There is someone else living in the house.  While playing hide and seek, Janna anciently falls into the the room and meets Sef: a member of the Dutch Resistance, who lives in a secret room of Janna's wardrobe.

This book was both educational and entertaining. It had emotion  and it makes you think.

Hilda Stockum also wrote a book called "The Winged Watchman" about a Dutch Resistance family that lives in a windmill.