Sunday, January 29, 2017

Book 11: Pride and Prejudice......with Zombies

Imagine reading the parody of one of your favorite books.

Well that's what this is.

Image result for pride and prejudice and zombies

For the most part it follows the P&P story line, and writing style but ....with zombies.

I am not into the whole zombie craze, but I still enjoyed reading about blade welding Bennett sisters...

My all time favorite part was Lady Catherine and her ninjas.


Book 10: Take a Key And Lock Her Up

The third book in the Embassy Row series and my favorite. It brutally stomped on my heart....


Read it.

Image result for embassy row ally carter

I won't be writing more about it, because people I know are reading it right now, and I know they would totally go right past a *Warning! Spoilers* note. But this is the best of the three. Painful, but nice.

Good read it


Book 9: See How They Run

Book 2 in the Embassy Row series

(Can someone please explain why it's Embassy and Ambassador?)


Image result for embassy row ally carter

James, her brother is visiting her. All hunky dory, right?

But then Alexi is on the run, wanted for murder, and someone wants to kill Grace and her brother....

Good stuff, eh?


Book 8: All Fall Down

This is the first book in the Embassy Row series by Ally Carter.

Related image

Grace is going to live with her Grandfather, an American Ambassador.

Her mother is dead, her brother is at West Point and her Dad is deployed in the army.

Her problem?

Everyone thinks she's crazy.

She knows she saw someone at her mom's antique shop that night it burned down and killed her. Someone with a scarred face.

She is trying not to act like the crazy girl everyone thinks she is...but then she see the "scarred man"

With the help of her new friends, she goes to work tracking him down. She goes to find out why he killed her mom and to stop him from killing again.

Plus cute Russian boy....


Monday, January 23, 2017

Book 7: Magicians and Demigods

Or was it Demigods and Magicians?

I really should pay better attention to details...

Anyhow, this is Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson and Kane Chronicles cross over book.

Percy meets Carter and then Annabeth meets Sadie.

By the way, I hate it when spellchecker tells me I should be spelling Annabeth as Anabel.
Seriously Mr. D. Seriously?



(My favorite part was when Percy was looking at Sadie imagining that she is what his and Annabeth's daughter would look like)

Saturday, January 14, 2017

My book? Coming......maybe never

I was planning on posting as soon as I finish each book. Whoops.

Though it is kind of hard to get on the laptop and post on your blog when it's 3 in the morning...
I've also been kind of busy. So I may get some time to read, but that doesn't mean I'll have time to type. See?

I was planning on blogging the same day I finished the book, to make it realistic. Since I read the last three books in the same day (Well, afternoon to late afternoon the next day) these last three have kind of been timed right.


Continuing my schooling: I am taking a fiction class in hopes to help my horrible story. I hope to have my book written and published before January next year.

Why am I telling you this? Well, it isn't reliability, because at the rate I'm going I'll never get it written. I might also break both legs and be confined to bed, so I might finish it early. I ask again, why am I telling you this?

Well, mainly so that I can whine about it.


Book 6: Perfect Scoundrels

Book 3 in the Heist Society! *Spoilers! Continue with caution!*

When Hale's grandmother, Hazel, dies he inherits the entire family fortune.(Much to the surprise of his entire family, who has been waiting FOREVER for her to die)

But then Kat gets a tip that the will is fake...

What should Kat do?
She decides to go after the will, and try and figure out the truth.


She doesn't tell Hale. 

Then he finds out


Book 5: Uncomman Criminals


This is the second book in the Heist Society Series written by the beloved Ally Carter, creator of the  Gallagher Girl Series! 


The second book in the series about of teenage thieves? 

Lets see... what happens?

They are trying to steal a precious emerald, the biggest most famous emerald EVER                         (or at least switch out the real one with a fake so Kat can give the real one back to its true owner. )

But then the lady who asked Kat to get the emerald back for her WASN'T it's true owner.

She was Uncle Eddie and Uncle Charlie's long lost crush. Love interest. Lady who tried to con them out of the same diamond back when THEY were young by pretending to be in love with both of them and playing with their emotions....

That lady

Oh, and yes Uncle Eddies does have a twin named Charlie.

Also, just as soon as Kat and Hale start figuring things out, who shows up, but annoying Nick.


BOOK 4: Serpent's Shadow

The Serpent's Shadow" Is Announced! - GeekyNews

This is the 3rd book  in Rick Riordan's Kane Chronicles and the 4th book in my little challenge!

*Possibly Spoilers*

*Totally Spoilers*

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH! I loved this book so much. Sadie's boy problems (Walt is dying because he is the decedent of King Tut, who was cursed to die young and Anubis is an Egyptian he's not allowed to interact with humans much...) and Carter's girl problems (He did kind of fall in love with a doll based off this girl, and then it cracked and he found out, AH! it's a doll! And then he rescued her and she didn't remember him, because it wasn't her it was and doll, and aaah!)

Plus: Bes is still a mindless old guy, since part of his soul was stolen in the last book, and all the rest of the problems that were unsolved in the first and second book.

But hey, there's Bast to make things awesome (Kitty!) 

So, yes.

Thank you Rick Riordan for once again ripping out our hearts and stamping on them

But don't worry! There's a happy ending! Confusing, but happy.


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Book 3: Throne of Fire

Image result for kane chronicles throne of fire

The Throne Of Fire

*Possibly spoilers*

Book 2 in the Kane Chronicles. Sadie and Carter go to find Zia and the Egyptian sun god Ra.
Dramatic save the world before it explodes story line that Rick Riordan seems to loves.

(Also Sadie with boy problems. Who will win her heart? Walt, who is going to die soon or the adorable god of toilet paper?  )

I enjoyed reading this and am excitedly waiting for book 3 (Serpent's Shadow) to arrive from the Library.

From now on, I will include the cover of the book! (Because they're pretty)

Ta Da !


Friday, January 6, 2017

BOOK 2: Red Pyramid

Another Rick Riordan book. I enjoyed this one. Not as much as I enjoyed Percy Jackson. In fact, in order of my favoritism, Rick Riordan's series

1: Percy Jackson (PJO)
2: Heroes of Olympus (HOO)
3: Magnus Chase
4: Trials of Apollo
5: Kane Chronicles

So, yeah. I guess this one is my least favorite series.

It's based of Egyptian Mythology. It has an interesting twist compared to the other books because the main characters aren't demigods. (PS I really want a series about a Hunter of Artemis.)
The two main characters are siblings. The book is written like a typed version of a recording, with the siblings, Sadie and Carter, both taking turns talking.

I like Sadie's parts better. Carter's are kind of...dull?

Not really DULL just .... not as interestingly written as Sadie's parts.


Update: Jan 11: Whoops. I wrote the title of this book at "Pyramid of Fire" 

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

BOOK 1: Heist Society

This is the first book from Ally Carter's series by the same name. Yes. Ally Carter is the same person who wrote The Gallagher Girl series.

Truth be told, I was a little disappointed by this book.
The main character, Kat, just seemed a little too much like Cammie. Plus she had a mysterious boyfriend, Hale, who was similar to Zack (Maybe that's why I like him so much?) A genius with computers, who was a little bit like Liz. Not a lot. He was a guy, so a little different.
Plus a cousin who reminded me of Macey. But whatever.

It was still a pretty good book.
Even if it wasn't what I expected.


Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2017 Goal! 100+ New Books In A Year!

Read 100 New Books In A Year And Blog My Review Of Them!

Yep. That's my goal (one of)
Its really not all the hard. I've read 100 new books in under a year before, and kept up in school. The hard part?

Well, this semester is going to be even busier. Plus, my added challenge.

I'm going to blog about all 100 books.

Oh yeah.

This is going to be fun.