Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Bibliophile Tag!

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The tag started at The Rebelling Muse.
The Rules: 

If you want to add a question, Catherine says that is ok.
I think it would be an awesome idea. We could add one each time it spreads, and it'll grow like a snowball.

Ok! Lets do this!

1. What is you favorite fiction novel/series?
This on is going to be hard. Fiction is my favorite overall, so....so many books. My favorite is probably The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer.  I mean: WOLFLET!!!
2. What is your favorite historic novel?
I think I'm going to say When Jessie Came Across the Sea. It's actually a children's book, but so cute. Plus the illustrations are awesome.
3. What is your favorite contemporary novel?
Does the Gallagher Girl Series count?
4. What character/book best reflects your personality?
I have to say Bex Baxter from the Gallagher Girls series. Like her, I'm obsessed with anything spy like, and am always down to help my besties. Even if it means stealing somebody's trash off the curb.
5. Favorite book character of all time?
I'm thinking Bast from the Kane Chronicles. I love that cat.
6. Favorite author?
Gah. I can't choose. Off the top of my head....Marissa Meyer.
7. Do you judge a book by its cover?
I choose books off cover, title, the blurb on the back and what my friends think.
8. Paper books, ebooks or both?
Paper! Nothing compares with the smell. But carrying a tablet is good too. It's like having a whole library with you!
9. Have you ever read a book you didn't like?
Ugh. So many. But I think the one I hate the most would be "My brother Sam is dead" It's really boring and you go through the whole book waiting for Sam to die. But guess what? He FINALLY dies in the last chapter, and to be honest, even though he was my favorite character (which isn't saying much) I was just glad he finally died.
10. Favorite book villain?
Oooooh. Villains. I'm thinking Gea from Heroes of Olympus. Such an annoying dirt face.
11. (My added question) Book with your favorite cover art? 
Right now I'm going to say the cover of Heartless (The one with the lips), The Lunar Chronicles, (So pretty as a set), or the older Gallagher Girl covers.

Ta da. I'm done.

Tagging: "Anyone who wants to do this"

(This means you)



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  1. Thanks for responding to my tag! Absolutely Gallagher Girls counts! That is definitely one of my favorite contemporary series.